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Kids Zone

Mybility All Terrain Wheelchairs are suitable for kids and young people from the age of 6 years onwards

Needs of growing kids

johndickscaseOur wheelchairs are fully adaptable to meet the needs of growing kids. As well as the changes in their physical needs as they grow, our wheelchairs can be tailored to meet the individual disability needs of each young person. With a realistic lifespan of 10 years, the wheelchair offers a stable and reliable option that can be adapted over time.

Social and school life

Our wheelchairs are designed to meet the needs of kids to keep up with their friends socially as well as handling the demands of school and when they get older, their needs for greater independence at college, university or their first experiences at work.

Stand Up or Non Stand Up

Our wheelchairs are safely and comfortably able to cover a range of terrains including, grass, sand, steep slopes, steps, cobbles, mud, high kerbs and even snow. Best of all our wheelchairs are kind to your carpets and floors at home. Its outstanding manoeuvrability also means that it can handle tight corners with ease. As well as a convenient seat riser to help reach shelves, we offer either a Stand Up or Non Stand up version of the wheelchair.

kidsZoneWe offer full training with our easy to use controls which can be speed controlled, and if required, adapted to enable dual control with a carer. We also offer a 5 year warranty and annual service.  Our wide range of adaptations can be tailored to meet individual disability needs including a unique chin tracking head control designed by Mybility.

We offer a range of extras as standard including, adjustable armrest, footrest, LED lights and safety mirrors. We also offer a range of cool colours. Our wheelchairs are fully crash tested to EU standards also for use in a vehicle.

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