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Wheelchair Service, Repair & Maintenance

If your wheelchair stops working in any way this can have a devastating effect on your freedom and livelyhood.

MyBility offers speedy and professional repair and maintenance solutions to keep you moving without delay.

We are authorized service agents for Four X all terrain wheelchairs. The range has a realistic 10 year plus life span, with annual servicing by Mybility to keep it in prime condition.

At our dedicated Service Centre, we can undertake a full strip-down service, status report and mini valet. Once booked in the service takes a day and your chair will be shipped back to you immediately.

The strip down service charge is £275.00 (the DL range) and £200 (Urban) the Urban, for warranty holders, plus a very reasonable collection and delivery cost using pallet couriers (from £60, calculated by your post code).

The Benefits of being warranty holder with Mybility

The items listed below 1 to 9 are standard during the 5 year parts and labour general wheelchair warranty and the repairs mentioned will be continued over the 10 year frame warranty. The wheelchair must be serviced every 12 months from the stamped manufacturers date (chassis number) to retain the warranty. The warranty is free at the point of sale with Mybility.

During a warranty a service

  1. Reduced cost in wheelchair manufacturers parts of 25%
  2. Mybility will repair minor damage to the wheelchair free of charge as part of the warranty service cost.
  3. Larger repairs may also be undertaken free of charge on a case by case basis.
  4. Software amendments for the standard program will be undertaken free of charge
  5. Wheelchair will receive a mini valet and clean down.
  6. The batteries are tested free of charge and reported for peace of mind.
  7. If batteries fail on first test mybility will undertake a set of charging and testing (cycling) to see if the batteries can be improved from the first test. (please note cycling will take up to 12 hours each time)
  8. The frame will be rust treated
  9. We will aim to have the wheelchair picked up  if there is a warranty fault and it is reported in writing  within 24Hrs (if reported before 12 am).
  10. A non warranty service is charged at £350 (DL range), £300.00 (Urban) and excludes items 1 to 9.
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