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About MyBility All Terrain Wheelchairs

Four X DL - ChrisMybility is run by Chris Christou, who uses the Mybility Stand up All Terrain Wheelchair.  As a result Chris is a wheelchair expert with a greater understanding of the needs of wheelchair users.  Chris experienced first-hand how a Mybility All Terrain wheelchair completely changed his life and so has set out to bring this incredible range of wheelchairs to others.

Mybility has been set up as an ethical business, putting people first, as a backlash to the experience he had choosing a wheelchair for himself and dealing with the “wheelchair sales industry”.

Mybility has set up a 5 year parts and labour warranty as standard for peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on giving honest, straight-forward advice and offer free demonstrations anywhere in the UK, at your home, your workplace, wherever suits you.

It’s our core belief that you have a right to live a full, happy, independent life; spending quality time with your family and friends, being able to continue your career and to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them and we know you’ll be astounded at the difference the DL chair will make.

You can rest assured you’ll be fulhorse01ly looked after with our full servicing and maintenance options.

Choosing a wheelchair from MyBility is the best decision you can make to regain your independence and put the freedom and fun back in your life.

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