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The Mybility All Terrain DL Or DL Special Equipment Wheelchair


The Mybility All Terrain DL can safely and comfortably handle a range of terrains including: grass, mud, sand, cobbles, steep slopes, steps, and even snow.  It comes with a wide range of features as standard, a 5 year warranty and has a realistic 10 year lifespan.  Click for details

The Mybility All Terrain DL Special Equipment has the same features as the DL above but also includes an electronically adjustable backrest, electric length compensation footrest and electric seat riser (30 cm rise)..  It also includes an electric seat riser which gives a 30 cm seat rise. Click for details



The Mybility All Terrain Stand-Up  Wheelchair


The award winning Mybility All Terrain Stand-Up is the only truly all terrain stand up model on the market.  As well as being able to handle a range of challenging terrains, it also includes a seat riser and can also enable the user to replicate a standing position. Its flexible seating system allows you to electronically adjust your body posture at will to either lie down flat, stand up, or choose any angle in between.  Click for details



The Mybility City MK3 Wheelchair


The Mybility City MK3 model – is a newly re-designed 4 wheel drive urban chair.  The very neat shape and size makes it perfect for nipping around tight spaces indoors and out. An excellent wheelchair in its class that is able to tackle streets and pavement obstacles and is perfect for children and young people depending on the lifestyle and disability needs.

For a wheelchair that can tackle a wider range of challenging terrains see our other Mybility All Terrain models including the  DL, DL Special Equipment & Standing  wheelchairs.

Click here to see the Mybility City MK3


Disabled children and young people have different wheelchair needs from those of adults.

It is important to select a wheelchair that is appropriate for your child’s needs based on his or her age, disabilities, abilities and lifestyle.   To get the full benefit from the wheelchair it should also be adaptable to meet any changes in your child’s needs as they grow and mature.

Does your child need to be able to get about at school, for sports and leisure activities or for play with friends? Does your child enjoy outdoor pursuits like going to the beach or in the woods?  Does your child need to be able to reach shelves or negotiate obstacles like steep slopes or steps?

The advice of professionals such as occupational therapists are important, but critically children and their parents must actively participate in the process to select a wheelchair. They are most aware of the environment and circumstances in which the wheelchair will be used.

Free at home consultation

Mybility All Terrain wheelchairs is able to offer a free at home consultation with an expert wheelchair user to help you make the right decision about which wheelchair is best for your child’s needs.  We understand that individual children have differing requirements and so we are able to offer a fully adapted wheelchair with a choice of seating systems and accessories to meet the individual needs of your child,

All wheelchairs come with full training for users and we also offer dual controls for parents and carers if required.



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