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Ronnie Lewington

mybility-all terrain wheelchairs

“I am a changed person since getting myself the Mybility All Terrain Wheelchair Four X DL SSS.”

“I am such a devotee now that I am sure that I sound like I am part of a clique! But it is true.”

I have got muscular dystrophy and have been in a wheelchair since I was 16. I am now 39.

In that time I have worn out a lot wheelchairs. I’ve always tried not to let being in a wheelchair limit me because I like being outside in nature. I enjoy visiting woodlands and beaches, going up steep hills, muddy puddles, all kinds of terrain. Up until now, as most wheelchair users know, there is a limit to what you can do in the average wheelchair because they cannot handle the terrain.

I have always kept my eye open for some sort of all terrain chair that can handle inside and outside terrains effectively, but have never seen one as good as the Mybility Four X All Terrain wheelchair. From the first moment I saw it, I knew I was looking at something different. Even more so, when I sat in it. In fact it has transformed my life and given me so much freedom to go where I want that it has blown me away!

This is more than a wheelchair. In fact it is also like a helpful robot in disguise! As well as helping me to go where I want it can do so much more:

  • It cruises
  • It easily handles challenging off road terrains
  • It reclines It elevates to reach high tables
  • Even more – it stands you up (Something I haven’t done in a long time!)


And more…. I feel like someone has opened the door and let me outside, since getting this wheelchair. I view the world as adventure now, rather than an obstacle.

I have a passion for photography, and this wheelchair has enabled me to get right where I want with my camera, to click the image I want. No more compromise! My Girlfriend has had to buy a mountain bike and inline skates to keep up with my pace! I’ve had this chair about a year and it continues to blow my mind away.

We’ve become good friends me and my Mybility All Terrain Wheelchair – it is like someone I can trust, someone I can rely on, someone who likes a big adventure!

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