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The Mybility All Terrain Stand-Up Wheelchair

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The award winning Mybility All Terrain Stand-Up is the only truly all terrain stand up model on the market.  Ideal for a range of sporting and physical activities due to its reliability, stability and unique flexibility.  As well as being able to handle a variety of challenging terrains, it also includes a seat riser and can also enable the user to replicate a standing position. Its revolutionary seating system allows you to electronically adjust your body posture at will to either lie down flat, stand up, or choose any angle in between.      Click for details



The Mybility All Terrain DL Or DL Special Equipment Wheelchair

mybility-all terrain wheelchairs

The Mybility All Terrain DL can safely and comfortably handle a range of terrains including: grass, mud, sand, cobbles, steep slopes, steps, and even snow.  It comes with a wide range of features as standard, a 5 year warranty and has a realistic 10 year lifespan.  Click for details

The Mybility All Terrain DL Special Equipment has the same features as the DL above but also includes an electronically adjustable backrest, electric length compensation footrest and electric seat riser (30 cm rise).  It also includes an electric seat riser which gives a 30 cm seat rise. Click for details



Our motto is that “You don’t have to be a paralympian” to take part in sport and other physical activities and we certainly want to enable you to get on and enjoy your adventures with minimal fuss and maximum enjoyment.

Researchers have reported that disabled people who take part in sports and other physical recreation report a higher standard of satisfaction with life than those disable people that do not. (Source Wheelchair Sport: A Complete Guide for Athletes, Coaches, and Teachers edited by Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey).  Physical recreation can also help build confidence, fitness, broaden your social circle and of course it can also be great fun.

There are a wealth of paralympian sports that you can take part in but of course you might just want to use your wheelchair to enjoy more sedate pursuits like fishing, or prefer to be more energetic and go rambling in woody areas with your family.  Obviously the type of wheelchair you choose can be critical to allow you to expand the boundaries of what you can do.mybility-all terrain wheelchairs

The Mybility All Terrain wheelchair range can enable you to take part in activities on challenging terrains like grass, mud, cobbles, steep slopes, rocky areas and steps.  It can also cope with sand and snow too.  Furthermore our flexible electronic seating systems allows you to replicate a standing postion, lay down flat or virtually any other position in between.  So for example you can also use your wheelchair to get up into a standing position to play golf, or lie down flat to sun bathe or use the seat riser to get up higher to play games like archery or darts.  We also have horse riders who use the wheelchair and find the seat riser and standing position very useful when dealing with the horse.

Fully Adaptable Wheelchairs

Our wheelchairs are fully adaptable and come with a wide range of accessories to ensure that you are able to enjoy your activities with the best support for your disability.  Our wheelchair experts are able to do many of the adaptations themselves and have also invented a length compensating chin control for users with limited or no use of their hands.  To see our full range of wheelchair adaptations and accessories please click here for more.

Free At Home Demonstration

The Mybility All Terrain Wheelchair team is led by an expert wheelchair user, Chris Christou who is a keen “adventurer” who enjoys rambling, hill climbing and landscape gardening.  He also likes to take part in sponsored wheelchair “walks” to raise money for Charity.

Call for a free at home demonstration to find out the possibilities.

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