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This is my freedom with my Four X DL Stand Up wheelchair



I had such a fun weekend in Dorset with two of my oldest friends. We spent Friday night in an amazing vegan restaurant Amala Conscious Food , Sipping cocktails and catching up.
On Saturday we went off on the ferry to Knoll Beach . The weather wasn’t the greatest, but the sea looked inviting.. and as I haven’t swam in the sea in over 10 years I decided to give it a go. I rode my Four X DL All Terrain wheelchair, ‘the beast’ with the quad tyres on down to the edge, got on allfours and managed to crawl in, It was quite a palaver but once I was in, it was wonderful. I bobbed around for a good 10-15 minutes before the cold forced me to get out. All I can say is that it was refreshing and liberating, some of the best pleasures are the simplest. (whilst we were in the sea we realised that we were on the nudest beach, a chap was behind us in the sand dunes with his kit off….perhaps next time…)
After drying off we ate fish and chips on the sea front in Swanage, finishing off with a pint.

Sunday was an unexpected surprise, the weather was gorgeous and warm. I didn’t get in the sea but had a little sunbathing & yoga time whilst the other two went in. We finished off our weekend on the sea front at Branksome Beach cafe & restaurant with Monkfish Scampi and ice cream for desert.

This is my freedom with my Four X DL wheelchair.

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