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Mybility Four X DL All Terrain service by Mandy-Jayne

Mybility Four X DL All Terrain service by Mandy-Jayne.
I needed to share my experience of Chris in his fantastic service for Mybility Wheelchairs. I work with disabled students and disabled workplace services undertaking assessments, delivering assistive technology services and mentoring/job coaching throughout the UK. I am a Specialist Teacher and Access to work Job Coach and have never worked with anyone who has the same ethos as I have. when chris came to allow me to trial the All Terrain stand up wheelchair, I was overwhelmed by the connection he made and understanding he showed toward me as a human being. Although I know we have undertaken important business in purchasing and arranging my wheelchair purchase, Chris has offered me a service which has understood my needs, taken time to see my challenges, understood my hidden desires to access places my disability has prevented me from getting to and taken the time to work with me at the pace and in the spaces I was comfortable. He is the most patient, caring committed wheelchair trainer I have ever worked with. When I was scared he comforted me, he helped me believe I could do it and he reduced my overwhelming anxiety and allowed my confidence to grow. When I was excited, he genuinely shared in my joy, understanding that being on the beach for the first time in many years was overwhelmingly emotional, he supported me in containing my feelings and facilitated me to have the time to enjoy the moment and relish in my new found freedom. When I became proud of my development he encouraged me to own that progression, to accept I had learned well, had overcome my fears and had tackled my special awareness difficulties. Most of all Chris put the human back into disability provision. I didn’t feel pushed into any contract, I have never been harassed to ‘sign on the dotted line’, I have never been made to feel like a nuisance and I have always felt like the only person in the world when i share time with him.

Chris is a credit to provision in the industry and I very much hope that he will use my message to the benefit of others in accessing Mybility services for themselves. Thank you Chris for helping me find my vehicle. It will change my life, facilitate access to places, spaces and experiences previously inaccessible to me. i am looking forward to going on grassy fields, uneven paths, kerbs and steps, difficult terrain, the beach, the forest, the woods and the events I haven’t been able to get to. I want to expand my life again and feel my place in the world again. Mybility was the service that allowed me to do that. Because of my condition I could not and would not have been able to engage in hard sales techniques and corporate attitudes. I contacted a Chris and from the second I heard him speak I knew he had time for me, would work for my needs and help me find the chair I needed in the time I needed. Mybility offeres teh space, the attitude and the understanding that someone who has been affected by chronic disabling conditions requires. I am safe in Chris’s hands and safe in the knowledge he is going to help me find my freedom and mybility. Mandy-Jayne Lace

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