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Kelly Freeman on her Mybility Four X DL All Terrain demo

Since being out with my new found friend to trial the mybility four X DL all terrain power chair, I have had trouble keeping my fatigue and pain in check. Especially as my mum has had stroke number 3 and I have been trying to keep half an eye on her too. But I promised that I would give a honest and trueful, non biased account of the demonstration and service that Chris offers at Mybility. I told him I would try to keep it concise, but something tells me I won’t.
Since being diagnosed with both M.E and Fibromyalgia in 2012, my health and body’s ability to cope has deteriorated slowly. However, since the beginning of April, this has gathered a bit more pace and aggression. In May, Gastrointestinal and Pancreatic problems triggered a relapse and at the moment there are no signs of my situation improving.
There are so many symptoms with my conditions and the combination of all my health issues means that I am particularly difficult to treat. Therefore, at the moment my pain levels are continuously 10/10 and I have no energy at all. I spend a lot of time in bed or on the sofa. I tend to sleep between 12 to 16 hours a day. Sometimes even up to 20 hours. I do try to stay up to resume some sort of normality.
After a lot of thinking and a very supportive conversation with my partner; I was trying to establish what equipment I could utilise on an everyday basis to help conserve energy, support my posture and help relieve pressure on painful areas; as well as helping me to be able to regain some quality of life and independence. I knew that my scooter is simply not fit for its purpose and it does not allow me to go exploring anywhere other than on a pathway. I am quite adventurous and would love to still be able to go walking, rambling and hill climbing with my dogs. Additionally, I really want to continue with dog training, agility and perhaps learn more about dog therapy and assistance services.
For this reason, I began to research 4×4 power chairs. There were a small number of choices that appeared under my Google search. I think Mybility was 2nd…straight away though the name caught my eye. I clicked the link and had a great snoop around the website. Funnily enough one of the photographs was of my friend Lucy’s new chair. Then, the penny dropped and everything that Lucy had said about her fantastic chair was in front of me.
After this, I spoke to Chris over the phone, time and time again. During the initial conversation, we hardly spoke about the chair that I wanted as Chris was far too busy sharing his mind of immensely helpful information and advice. As someone who suffers with social anxiety and who is extremely poor at talking to strangers, I was gobsmacked at how much we had spoken about. Chris is kind, empathetic and does his job simply to help other people and support them. I was so grateful for everything he had already done for me as I am new to my adapted life.
Over the next few discussions we looked at the difference the Mybility Four X Dl could make to my life. Chris gave me various tips in relation to raising the funds. Other than Lucy, he was the only person who had helped me with this sort of thing, I was ecstatic and so so very grateful.
So fast forward onto the demonstration, again Chris made so much of an effort speaking to me at the beginning. We seemed to have a lot in common and it was clear that the demo was going to be about living, freedom and having fun. Chris is so adaptable and is most definitely a super hero. He certainly inspires me. His attitude and zest for all things exciting left me in awe of him.
In terms of the chair, the moment I sat in it and Chris made the relevant adjustments, I knew that was the only chair suitable for my needs. In the last 4.5 years, I have never been so comfortable. The relief if pressure and pain and the support of posture really is a life changer.
The next part to come was the hardest, learning to drive in a straight line. Hahaha. Especially as you use the hand opposite to the one you write with. As my family, will tell you, co-ordination is not my strongest point. I was super good at going left and right and round in circles. During the time of getting used to it Chris was so supportive and reassuring. His teaching skills are ace as I soon got the hang of it. Chris kept encouraging me and continued to talk to me which really helped as I suffer with brain fog and I can get disorientated.
Once I got the hang of it we went off on a great adventure across the difficult terrains of my local village fields. The whole time Chris was so lovely, giving me guidance and assistance when I needed it.
There is no sales pitches. Just a genuinely lovely guy, putting a lot of effort in to go round to help and support people to enable them to adapt and receive quality if life. Chris uses his own experiences and completely empathises with your wishes and requirements. I would say Chris and Mybility are the only services you need.
I cannot wait to raise enough money for my chair. I will receive ongoing, exceptionally brilliant customer service and as a bonus I think I have made a friend for life.
I owe Mybility a huge hug and a lot of thank yous for all eternity. 🙂 A real life changing experience that will allow me to have freedom and fun rather than being trapped inside.

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