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“Best demo we have ever had” Sharron Hood, mum of Elizabeth

“We came across Mybility after viewing a video on Youtube. We had been looking for a wheelchair for our daughter, Elizabeth, and were curious about the Four X and so decided to book a demo, this was fitted in around us and was amazing! Best service we have ever had with a wheelchair and help is only a phone call away”

“All our questions and concerns were answered and explained to us on the day of the demo. Chris explained how the chair worked and bought an extra wheelchair with him, so Elizabeth could try one herself.

“Once the chair was adjusted to fit Elizabeth, Chris showed and explained to her and us how the chair worked. This took about an hour. Chris encouraged Elizabeth to drive it up and down curbs first. Next he took her up the road to the playing field for a spin. Then they made their way back to our house over footpaths. All the time Chris explained and showed her how to use the chair. It was the best demo we have ever had!”

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