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The Stand-Up coping well with the extremes of British weather

The Four X DL Stand-Up is a wheelchair company with a difference that uniquely offers a bespoke service with a personal touch. Begin the process with a free demo at your home, taking as long as you like.

As well as adults, Mybility all-terrain wheelchairs can be adapted to suit growing children and tailored to meet their individual disability needs. With a lifespan of 10 years, the wheelchair is a stable and reliable option that can be adapted over time.

Mybility is the only Four X wheelchair company to offer long warranties as standard. For the frame, 10 years and 5 years for parts & labour. Mybility also offers after-sales care. so you can feel at ease with your new product.

Mybility have introduced an addition to the Four X wheelchair family, the Urban, an innovative concept in wheelchair design; compact, with 4 wheel drive and steer, it easily nips around tight spaces and tackles difficult terrain and obstacles.

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