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Snow days in my All Terrain Wheelchair

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The snow has brought out the child in me – well it doesn’t take much. Staying indoors isn’t something I do very well anyway and the snowfall was the perfect excuse to go out and play. Feeling the flakes on my face and breathing the fresh air, while in awe of the beautiful countryside of Hertfordshire. Now that’s what I call a happy Sunday!

Whenever I go out in the snow I’m secretly delighted that once again I’m getting around easily, while everyone else is struggling and sliding around. My Four X DL SSS just takes to the new surfaces with ease, but I did feel a little sorry for my mate Rob as he slipped all over the place trying to keep up with me.

It reminded me of last year’s snow when my wife Gail and I went out for a walk and headed to our local pub. It took ages to get there – because the icy ground was so difficult for Gail. I entertained myself by running rings around her in my chair while she inched along. Oddly I felt dizzy before I’d had a sip of beer… After several pints and circling in reverse around Gail on the way home I was sober. Go figure.

Of course Gail thought all my messing around was hilarious. Weirdly, over the next couple of days we suddenly needed various random items and I was sent out to the local shops each time. That’ll teach me.

Have fun and stay safe in the snow!

Chris x

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