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Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) at the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

All Terrain Wheelchairs by Mybility at Catastrophic Injuries Seminar. The All Terrain wheelchair by Mybility was very well received at a recent seminar about the technological advancements in equipment for catastrophic spinal cord injury patients. Hosted by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) at the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, the event was attended by a cross sector of specialist lawyers.

Mybility director, Chris Christou led a session where he talked about the recent advancements in wheelchair technology, which has meant that the latest generation of wheelchairs can go a long way towards restoring the independence and former lifestyle of spinal injury patients.

More specifically, these technological advancements mean that spinal injury patients can now comfortably and safely tackle terrains that traditional wheelchairs would not be able to manage.

Standing Model All Terrain Wheelchair
Chris, a wheelchair user himself, personally demonstrated and showed videos of the wheelchair successfully handling some very challenging terrains, from steps, cobbles, grass, mud, countryside and even snow.

Furthermore the standing model all terrain wheelchair in the Mybility range means that users can tilt and get into an upright position. The effect of this is that they can enjoy unprecedented levels of freedom of movement and simply “get on with their day” whether at home, at work or at play in the city or in the countryside.

In addition the standing function can be used as part of a therapeutic physical therapy regime, especially where a standing programme is recommended for rehabilitation and ongoing well-being. As a result of these features the benefits of the new generation of All Terrain wheelchairs for spinal injury suffers is clear to see.

Compensation Advice
Every year, about 2000 people in the UK suffer traumatic spinal cord injury leading to permanent paralysis. Specialist lawyers are very well placed to provide advice to ensure that suffers receive vital compensation, information and support, particularly in those early days. Consulting a specialist expert can be key to getting the right advice and information.

The seminar was attended by highly respected catastrophic injury lawyers including national coordinator for APIL’s Spinal Cord Injury Special Interest Group Warren Collins and group secretary David Tomlinson In addition Andrew Dalton Who specializes in catastrophic motorcycle accident injuries was also in attendance.


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