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All Terrain Wheelchair – Disabled Ramblers

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I have joined the Disabled Ramblers as I love the outdoor life. I have Multiple Sclerosis and miss being able to take long walks especially through woods. I have found this impossible due to my high levels of fatigue and general exhaustion. Well until I purchased my Four X all terrain wheelchair which has revolutionised my life. It has reduced my mobility in a good way. Before (when I was able) I used to walk around using a stick then after many relapses crutches. I forced myself to do this, but all that happened was that I felt that I had run 4 marathons back to back everyday. As you can imagine after years of doing this there was nothing left of me, add in lots of stress from not being able to get around at work and 4 relapses back to back I felt that I was finished.  Well I was, being constructively confined indoors for many months was, to say the least, depressing.

My life changed for the better after getting my Four X All Terrain Wheelchair. I was no longer exhausted, I could get around. I am not talking about getting around on flat surfaces like many so called outdoor chairs. I could “Go Where I Want”. I have constantly pushed the boundaries of my chair, and have found the freedom it gives me fantastic.

To this end I have joined the Disabled Ramblers, just another expression of my freedom I suppose. I can’t wait. I do hope that I will come across some very challenging terrain so that I can push myself. (I think that I must be mentally irregular ). I am somewhat disappointed that, from what I can see, most of this club use heavy duty scooters and not wheelchairs. Maybe the have never owned a Four X all terrain wheelchair.

I think I secretly want to find a mountain side or something so I can tackle it in my wheelchair. Many years ago I was briefly a member of the Dangerous Sports Club – so I must be some sort of stupid stuff junkie. (that is another very blurred Stolli fuelled story). I love the fact that my chair makes me think about doing these sorts of things again- I think that I am alive!

Any way I am meandering again.

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