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Mybility at the South West Disability

We will be at the South West Disability Show in Exeter on Friday 17th & Saturday 18th of July 2009. If you would like a try on the best all round all terrain wheelchair see us ( Chris or Justine ) at stand 132. I’m Chris and I run Mybility you can’t miss me I’ll be in my stand up Four X chair.

As a side note I would like some feedback for anyone who would be interested in joining in an all terrain wheelchair paint ball event. If you have any thoughts on this please get in touch. I have been looking for some fun, idiot things to do and paint balling sounds good to me. But if anyone has any other ideas I’m always open to suggestion. I just thought that I would mention my 2 tag lines – Go Where i Want & Set Your Own Goals – because this is how my chair makes me feel.

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