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Four X all terrain wheelchair service and health check at Mybility

Hi I’m Chris and I run Mybility. We have started servicing some of the Four X all terrain wheelchairs, and I have to say that most of the one’s I’ve seen have been in a poor condition. In fact I’m amazed that they have been serviced at all. Well it is definitely not what I would class as a service, perhaps at best a quick spray and a hefty bill is the impression I’m getting. ( sorry I think I’m having a rant! ) Perhaps because I use a Four X myself, a stand up model, I know how important the machine is to me, I’m lost without it. I can’t deal with the idea that it is not looked after and in best of health. This is why when mybility services an all terrain wheelchair it is a total strip down service, it is dismantled, cleaned out, greased, all serviceable parts are inspected and checked, the programming is analysed and the whole machine is brought up to the best possible condition. I have to add all this is carried out without hammering the owner financially. It is what I would expect to be carried out with my chair.

Get in touch if you would like your chair to be given a full strip down service and health check.

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