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Steve Merideth

mybility-all terrain wheelchairs

Living on the beautiful coast of west Wales you take for granted going onto the sandy beaches but although Steve’s current electric wheelchair has been put through its paces, it cannot access some areas – the beach being one.

Visiting the Naidex Disability Exhibition in May we came across the Mybility All Terrain Wheelchair stand. We were really delighted when Chris was able to make the five hour journey to enable Steve to trial the Mybility Four X model chair.

For the first time in many years Steve was able to get onto Tresaith beach and also access the steep path to overlook the coastline, with ease! We had a lovely few hours and to cap it all the sun was shinning. (It doesn’t always rain in Wales!)

Thank you Chris for your time and even though you had a long journey ahead of you to get home that evening you gave an excellent demonstration of the chair, took plenty of time to answer all of our questions fully and more importantly we did not feel pressurised to make a decision.

We have since decided that the benefits to Steve of being able to access the coastline and countryside with his family and friends will make buying the chair a worthwhile investment.

We are really looking forward to many years of enjoyment together because of it.

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