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James Smith

My son James is 15 and suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We had started looking for a powerchair, as James was finding it tiring walking around school and could only go out with someone pushing him in his manual wheelchair.

Stand Function to “be eye level with his mates”

It was tough for James to have to admit he was having difficulty as he has been fiercely against having to use a powerchair. I was also keen to have functions that would be beneficially for James i.e. a stand function so he could be at eye level of his mates and would also help his posture and protect his spine. We visited a local supplier and although the chairs were good for getting around indoors, they were not up to the job outdoors. It seemed that we would need to compromise and we were told that special functions did not go well with all terrain chairs. They were also not created for a teenage lad, who wanted something “funky” and “cool”.

We then started looking on line and found the Mybility All Terrain Four “powerchair”. We watched the video’s in amazement and couldn’t help but laugh at the daredevil antics of Chris! Really, someone having fun in a powerchair! James couldn’t wait for a test drive.

“It was great bombing up and down the field with dog Frankie”

Chris came to us for the test drive and spent the whole afternoon with James.  Watching James in the Four X was fabulous.  The chair is amazing, he was able with some training from Chris, to go up and down curbs and he was also able to take his assistance dog, Frankie on his favourite field for a good run.  It was great for him bombing up and down the field with Frankie running with him. Usually James has to just sit and watch the fun, now he could get involved.

“Yeah Mam Its Awesome”

I asked James if he liked the Four X after the test drive.  He looked at me as if I was mad to ask and answered “Well yeah Mam, it’s awesome!”  Decision made, we placed an order there and then.  We were very lucky that a family friend wanted to donate the majority of the cost straight away, so we did not have to wait to place the order.

“Fab time fishing… and driving up a muddy hillside path”

As we were due to go on holiday to Scotland, Chris even arranged for the Four X to be delivered to our rented bungalow on the Isle of Skye! James had a fab time fishing with his Dad and could not resist driving up a muddy hillside path.

“New lease of life”

Since returning home James has been able and confident to go out more with his mates, going to the coast, the cinema and also racing his dog Frankie along the beach!  It has given him a new lease of life.  Outdoors it is amazing.  My only concern was the length of the chair and James getting around in the house.  However, he was really mastered the chair and breezes around the house, manages getting around school and he has confidence to go into shops and restaurants.

We have managed to meet all of James’s wish list with the Four X.  It has the functions we wanted, it is great both indoors and outdoors and most of all it is really “funky” and “cool”.

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