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Elizabeth Hood, enjoying the outdoors!

Mybility_ElizabethRoamingSharron Hood chats about her experience of purchasing the Mybility Four X DL Special Equipment (with bespoke Mybility child seat) wheelchair for her daughter

Mybility was set up as an Ethical business as a backlash to the wheelchair industry sales tactics, and general lack of real care about the person, or the product Chris encountered with his quest to find a wheelchair.

This is why it is important to Chris that all his customers have peace of mind when they purchase a Mybility Four X DL All-Terrain wheelchair with the extended 5 year parts and labour warranty; no messing and no pretence.

“For me it’s all about the persons needs, and whatever can be done to make the wheelchair the best fitting it can be. To also make the service we provide real and genuine. I know how important a life changing wheelchair can be when its right. I take great pride in this.

I also take great pride in spending as much time with a person as they neMybility_ElizabethRoaming5ed, to give them a glimpse of what can be done with a fantastic piece of kit. I hope I leave people looking forward to possibilities in their lives.

It makes my heart sing when I see kids lives really being changed by the wheelchair. For me, its heart warming.

The image of Elizabeth on the beach with her dog, makes me proud that she is tackling life just that little bit more easily. Lizzie was already a very determined person when we met. Every interaction with people I meet in my business changes me, I learn so much and love to watch how kids shenanigans in a wheelchair helps them grow with confidence . This is how it should be.

I will readily help, as it genuinely makes me happy, and a little bit of a better person.”

Sharron Hood, Lizzy’s mum says that she has had an amazing experience dealing with Mybility and is so happy that she has a new found independence.

After viewing videos of the Mybility Four X DL All-Terrain wheelchairs in action on Youtube, Sharron called to book a demo.

“‘The demo was donMybility_ElizabethRoaming2e on the day that fitted in with us... All our questions and concerns were answered and explained on the day. Chris bought an extra wheelchair with him, so Elizabeth could try one herself.”

“Once the chair was adjusted to fit Elizabeth, Chris showed and explained how the chair worked. This took about an hour. Chris encouraged Elizabeth to drive it up and down curbs first. Next he took her up the road to the playing field for a spin. Then they made their way back to our house over footpaths. All the time Chris explained and showed Elizabeth how to use the chair. Amazing service…It was the best demo we have ever had!”

Lizzy was hooked from the off, she was a natural at the controls and her parents didn’t need much time being convinced to purchase the Mybility Four X DL Special Equipment (with bespoke Mybility child seat) wheelchair. There was a period of time in which Sharron had to find the funds and this was raised by a combination of their own money, some from a local Muscular Dystrophy group, and the children charity Variety. “The process was easy, Variety took a while as it went through it took a series of meetings to get the money approved, once that was cleared the chair was with us in a few weeks”

Elizabeths disability Mybility_ElizabethRoaming9needs were discussed and the chair was fitted with adaptions to make the wheelchair as comfortable as possible. The Four X DL SE (with bespoke Mybility child seat) wheelchair was quickly delivered personally by Chris. “he then did some final adjustments and once completed Elizabeth was given a quick refresher course on how to use the wheelchair. Chris even offered to show her how to use the chair at a later date…Chris is only a phone call, text or an email away”

Elizabeth is enjoying her new found independence “and has used it on sandy and stone beaches, the grounds of National Trust castles and houses” Elizabeth has loved the freedom to roam around with her friend, to take the dog for a wall and use the chair on school trips. Recently she took it with her to a Girl Guide camp which was in a small wood. “We able to go for walks on sand, stones and across fields. I don’t have to push her over rough ground. She doesn’t get stuck in deep grass, or in pea shingle/small stones.”

Any teething problems have been answered swiftly over the phone, and Sharron has had to call Chris once to ask how to make an adjustment to the foot rest, which needed lengthening. This was a simple operation and was undertaken by Sharron in a few minutes, no hassles. What is great about the kids wheelchairs is that Mybility designs and makes the seat so that it can be easily adjusted when a child has a growth spurt allowing it to last for 10 years.Mybility_ElizabethRoaming4

‘Help is only a phone call away’ which Sharron says “gives us GREAT reassurance.

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