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Becky Andrews Mybility DL Stand-Up Wheelchair

Becky Andrews Mybility Four X Stand-Up Wheelchair

I have always found my NHS wheelchair to be very basic and always felt that it limited my Independence. From seeing the pictures, videos and information online, I knew a wheelchair like the Mybility Four X DL Stand Up All Terrain would really help me to gain the independence I always wanted. I also really liked the idea of being able to stand. This is something I haven’t being able to do for many years.

The demo was brilliant! Chris was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the wheelchair. I was very nervous but Chris explained how the wheelchair worked and we took it very slowly. Starting on low speed until I began to feel a little more confident. We took the wheelchair just outside my house and then a little further down the road to get used to going up and down curbs. Which was scary at first but soon became a lot of fun!I began to see The difference this one simple thing would make to my life.

The service was excellent. Chris spent a Long time explaining all the different options available to individualise the wheelchair, to make sure it suited my Specific needs.

When buying a private wheelchair in the past I was sold something that didn’t even fit me, let alone suit my needs. it was never about what I really needed, it was about a salesman making money. Chris was very honest and spoke about wanting to help me improve my posture while sitting in the wheelchair. Until the day of the demo I didn’t even know I could sit as straight because no wheelchair professional had ever really taken the time to figure out what was really needed. Chris made sure my wheelchair would fit me perfectly and even altered the back of the seat to make sure my posture will be as correct as possible. This is definitely not usually the case with other private wheelchair salesmen. The individualised seating has not just made a huge difference to my posture but it was also really helped my confidence, before I always felt very self-conscious because I knew I was not sitting straight.

Chris spent a lot of time making sure I was happy with everything and also assured me that I could contact him if I had any further questions. I love it! Still getting to grips with negotiating tight spaces but it has already given a new confidence and ability to do more, especially on my own. I think the main thing I get from it is I feel more of an equal now, I can be seen at high counters, stand to reach things both at home and while out. I can take my assistant dog on long walks in the woods which we both love. And I can stand! Building strength in my legs and also laying out which helps ease my pain levels.

Its not just a chair, it’s a whole new life! The whole experience from the start has been brilliant. Very supportive, positive and specific to my personal situation. I wish there where companies like this one!

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