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Pam Quick on Mybility All Terrain Wheelchair experience

Pam Quick, has had her Mybility All Terrain wheelchair for 7 months and it has changed her life. She came to the Mybility stand at Naidex last year to see for herself the All Terrain wheelchair range, her biggest concern was wether it fitted into her van or not, and it did. Pam’s journey began from there, she knew that this was the wheelchair for her.

Chris was friendly and helpful and didn’t rush her into buying anything. It was “Service with a smile, amazing!”. She was reassured by the 5 year parts and labour warranty and the knowledge that someone was on the end of the phone whom she knew who could talk to. She called Chris one Saturday morning when she first got the wheelchair “Chris I know its a Sat morning but I am stuck” Chris calmly replied  “take a deep breath and stop panicking,” and talked her through the situation. Pam has never looked back and the wheelchair has given her opportunities, simple everyday challenges are easy now, such as tackling gravel on a drive or moving out of the way onto a grass verge if for example a car is parked on a kerb. Pam now is ready for the ultimate test of going up and down stairs.


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