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Mybility wheelchairs adapt to a child’s growth needs

The Mybility All Terrain wheelchair is suitable for kids and young people form the age of 6. It is fully adaptable to meet the disability and growth needs of children and with a realistic 10 years lifespan it will ‘grow’ with the child.

The capabilities of the wheelchair mean that it gives kids and young people the freedom to grow up and achieve unprecedented levels of independence alongside their peers. Whether it is the freedom to play or take part fully in school or social life, the wheelchair enables young people to embark on a wide range of activities from being able to handle multiple terrains to exploring the playground or sports fields. The seat riser or stand-up position gives young people a sense inclusion by enabling them to reach facilities such as lockers or the bench in a science lab and keep up with school mates. It is a great ‘equaliser’ for children.

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