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Hi I’m Chris, and I run Mybility Ltd. I use a Four X DL Stand up model, I also have M.S  (15 happy go lucky years plus). Around 2 years ago I started to look around for a Four X outdoor wheelchair. My passion is gardening. I design, build and maintain gardens. I stumbled into gardening a long time ago and found that it pushed my buttons, which was a great surprise to me, and decided to make it my living. After all this time I still enjoy it, but have had to adapt my approach due to my developing M.S.

Over a 12 month period I had 4 relapses which nearly destroyed my resolve. I suppose I was wallowing in self pity or something like that. I found myself in the position that I could no longer just ‘adapt’ my way out of my growing M.S issues and continue to do what I loved in any meaningful way. That is why I started looking for all terrain outdoor wheelchairs.

It took around 3 months of research and a few trials until I discovered the Four X range. This is by far the best all round all terrain wheelchair available, and I love it. The Four X outdoor wheelchair has changed and invigorated my life in more ways than I have time to bore you with. Well perhaps another time.

I am afraid that I am like most users of all terrain / outdoor wheelchairs that I have met in that I totally abuse my chair and make it take me down mountains (well very steep hilly woodland), cross country, over really steep obstacles. Well the point of this is that we all abuse our chairs and make them do things to empower us in some way, but we do not take care of them. All the cars I have owned have been serviced on a regular basis, when new under the manufacturers warranty instructions, even after they are still serviced once a year. Why do we treat our chairs differently, when one’s chair is the most vital thing for our mobility, adventure, stimulation, everyday getting around and a host of other stuff that is vital to our psyche and interaction with the world. Damn I’m getting far too serious.

The point is that nearly all of the chairs I have encountered for service have either, not had a real service (to my standard), or never been serviced in years. What is wrong with everyone, we have invested in our lives with our chairs, then we ignore and abuse them . If my chair got to the point that it was out of action needing serious repair for any length of time I would be a misery to live with AND seriously miserable.

Mybility services the Four X outdoor wheelchairs with this in mind. Get your chair serviced and keep using it for 10 years.

When Mybility undertakes a service the chair is fully stripped down, all electric and computers are check as well as analysing the programs. This is done because I cannot live without mine and I don’t expect any one else to have a run down neglected chair. In fact if you are a regular client Mybility may even lend you one. Or you can hire one short term, in fact you can hire one for your holidays if your chair is not up to hill climbing, beaches or any other stuff people take for granted on holiday.

I would welcome any comments, (well not any, but you know what I mean).

chris x

I researched for around 5 months, probably more, to find the best wheelchair options.

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