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Unprecedented Independence, Flexibility & Freedom To Tackle Even The Most Difficult Terrains

Exceptional Mobility

Due to the Mybility All Terrain Wheelchair’s high specification it can handle multiple terrains from challenging outdoor conditions to confined indoor spaces. In fact the wheelchairs advanced technology means that it can securely tackle even difficult terrains including: Mud, Wet Grass, Snow, Steps, Kerbs, Sand Cobbles, Uneven Rocky Areas & Steep Inclines. It also handles tight corners at home and is kind to carpets ands floors.

Fully Adaptable

The wheelchair is fully adaptable to meet the specific disability needs of the user whether they have suffered a catastrophic injury or suffer from a disabling condition. It is suitable for children aged 6 years, right through to adulthood and the elderly.

Stand Up

Designed by world class Scandinavian engineers, the wheelchair is made using advanced cutting edge technology. As well as our phenomenal All Terrain Wheelchair models we also offer the market’s only Stand Up All Terrain Wheelchair. All of our wheelchairs have a convenient seat riser option to help you reach those shelves.

The wheelchair has to be seen to be believed and we offer a free at home demonstration for clients by an expert wheelchair user.